South Lyon Junior League


Q – How do I know which division I should register my child?
A – Your child will be placed in the correct division based on his/her birth date, see table.

Q – I think my child should be playing in the division above his age, how do I move him.
A – If you feel that your child should be playing up, please email us at and we will consider moving your child.

Q – My child’s age puts him in a division and I would like him to play down, how can I do that?
A – Because of our insurance, we will only allow a child to play down if he/she has a note from his/her doctor indicating a medical reason why the child cannot play in the appropriate division. If your child is in that situation, please email us at  and we will make the adjustment.

Q – When is registration?
A – Registration for our Spring Season starts early February.  Registration for our Fall Season starts the third weekend in July.

Q – I can’t find a registration form, how do I register?
A – We are only accepting online registrations. Please visit our website at and click on the “Register” tab.  When registration is opened, a link will be posted.

Q – What is the best way to stay informed about everything?
A – In addition to visiting our website frequently, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Q – I don’t have access to the internet/I don’t have a computer/I don’t have a credit card, how can I register?
A – Come to any board meeting.  Please check our calendar for the date/time of our next meeting.

Q – I want my child to have a certain coach, how can I do that?
A – We do not accept special requests.

Q – My child wants to play with his best friend, how can I get them on the same team?
A – We do not take special requests. If your child really wants to play with his friend, volunteer to coach.  Your child will be placed on your team and you can draft your child’s friend. We are always looking for more coaches. It’s a great way to spend quality time with your child and get to know a lot of other great kids.

Q – What day of the week will my child’s games be played?
A – All of our divisions have assigned days of the week for their games, you can find these by clicking here. We try our best to maintain these days but sometimes circumstances beyond our control may alter a couple of your games. The Michigan weather sometimes interferes with out schedule. We receive ‘blackout days’ from our schools. We are unable to use school fields for these days. We also try to schedule around school events whenever possible. All these issues affect game days. We will do our best to schedule all division games on assigned days if possible.  Because of the increase in enrollment, we anticipate having to schedule Friday, Saturday, and Sunday games for all divisions.

Q – How much does it cost?
A – T-Ball will be determined soon for the Spring season and that’s 8 weeks of games and practices, a t-shirt, and a hat. Helmets, bats, balls, t’s are all provided for your child to use. You may also choose to purchase that equipment for your child.
All other divisions will be determined soon for the Spring season which is 9 weeks of games and practices.  Uniforms included:  a jersey, pants (shorts for GCP), belts for boys, socks for girls divisions, BCP, Kaline and Mays divisions, hats for boys, and visors for girls. Helmets and balls are provided for your child to use. You may also choose to purchase equipment for your child.

Q – What is your refund policy?
A – Refunds, minus a $20 registration fee, will be given to any player that drops before the draft.  After the draft, no refunds will be issued.

Q – I received my child’s uniform and it doesn’t fit, what can I do?
A – If the pants/shorts don’t fit, please return to KV Sports (next to The Lyon Theater in downtown South Lyon). They can usually be swapped with the correct size on the same day. We strongly encourage players to try on jerseys prior to registration for the correct size. Ordering the correct size is the responsibility of the parent. If you were given the wrong size, please contact the registrar and we will correct.

Q – When will we know what team my child is on?
A – We have a draft for all of our divisions. We usually give the coaches a few days to contact all their players. We ask our trustees to gather names of players that have not responded to the coaches attempts and we forward this to our registrar.

Q – When will I know our schedule?
A – Our scheduler tries to finish these as soon as possible. The schedule is usually finalized a couple weeks before our practices start. Please visit our Schedule page.

Q – When do practices and games start?
A – Visit our calendar by clicking here.  This will be finalized in the coming weeks and posted as soon as possible.