South Lyon Junior League


A couple of reminders as are season begins:

Park only in designated parking areas.
At Atchison, DO NOT PARK IN THE FIRE DEPT PARKING LOT. It impedes their ability to maneuver the fire trucks. Also, do not park on the grass. At the schools, do not park in bus loops. If you have a fan that cannot walk from the parking lot to the field, drop them off and park in a designated parking spot.

No Sunflower Seeds at High School Fields
This is for players, coaches, and fans. South Lyon High School and South Lyon East High School have both asked that we refrain from eating sunflower seeds because it is detrimental to the fields.

No Dogs on School Fields
It’s not a SLJL rule, it’s a school rule and it applies to everybody that steps on school property. It doesn’t matter the size, the age, the temperament, if it’s a dog, it’s not allowed.

Please do not hit balls into the backstops or fencing.
I know the younger players use softer balls but all of them damage the fences.

Checking the weather forecast, it seems like we’re in for some rain. If we have to cancel games, we will:
1. Post on the homepage of the website
2. Send out a mass email
3. Post to Facebook
4. Post on Twitter
5. Send out a text

A word about emails …
We have experienced issues with our mass emails getting caught in spam filters. If your account is linked to your business email; it may get caught in your company’s spam filters and we can’t do anything about that. That is why we set up the multiple communication channels. If you can’t get our emails, there are other ways to check on cancellations and other changes. Also, if you ever hit ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of of our mass emails, you will not be able to get our mass emails at that email address again. Blue Sombrero is very sensitive about their No Spam policy.

As always, you are welcome to contact us using our email address. This email is closely monitored and you will receive a response. As we are all volunteers, we do not publish our cell phone numbers, but you can visit our About Us page on our website, for email addresses for all the board members.

Thanks and have a great season!

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