South Lyon Junior League

Lost and Found

Did you lose something?  Find something?  Let us know and we’ll keep a running inventory.  If you spot something that’s yours, click here to send us an email, or contact them directly.  If you lost something at a school field, check the school’s Lost and Found, too.  (Thanks for the tip, Tim!)

Lost and Found




6/26/2017 at Salem blue bat weight, contact

6/29/2017 at Brummer Men’s wedding ring, contact

6/6/2017 at SLHS JV Field Eddie Bauer chair – grey , contact

5/22/2017 at Atchison A Green Bay Packers water bottle, contact

4/26/2017 at Sayre Elementary Found a Mizuno youth baseball glove and Detroit Lions sweatshirt, contact


6/1/2017 at 9 Mile Field Black boys baseball right handed mitt, contact

6/22/2017 at Brummer lost a black with blue stitching adult baseball glove. , contact

6/20/2017 at CMS, Lost a black with blue stitching adult baseball glove, contact

6/9/2017 at SL JV Field One large speaker and one large stainless coffee mug, contact

6/1/2017 at Salem I’m not entirely sure when and/or where he lost it but my son lost a Lake Momster hat this season. I’m going to see if I can order him a new one but thought I’d check here too, contact

6/12/2017 SLHS Varsity Field Home Dugout A black/green mako baseball bat with white tape and some writing on the handle, contact

5/22/2017 at Atchison Two plaid blankets and an umbrella.  I gave them to a family to use through the cold and rain, then left without them, contact

5/20/2017 at McHattie East Black and Brown Adult Men’s Glove.  Shows wear and tear., contact

5/13/2017 at Salem’s First Base dugout Lost Easton aluminum bat with gray paint, length 32. Did anyone from the Expos happen to find it? They were the next team to follow, contact

5/13/2017 at McHattie East UofM windbreaker – adult sized, contact

4/29/2017 at Sayre Girls softball glove.   Black/pink, contact