South Lyon Junior League

Lost and Found

Did you lose something?  Find something?  Let us know and we’ll keep a running inventory.  If you spot something that’s yours, click here to send us an email, or contact them directly.  If you lost something at a school field, check the school’s Lost and Found, too.  (Thanks for the tip, Tim!)

Lost and Found




6/11 – prescription sunglasses at Volunteer, please contact

6/2 – a child’s small baseball glove and a blue hoodie were left behind at pictures, please contact

6/1 at Brummer – My son left his black and orange bat at brummer on 6/1, please contact

5/24/2018 at Sayre – We left a blue camelback water bottle that has a red lid and raccoons on it, please contact

5/22/2018 at Millennium – Has anyone seen or mistakenly has a white and purple girl’s softball helmet? Inside it has the girl’s name, Eva. It was left on the Millennium field on Tue 5/22, please contact

5/6/2018 at Atchison East – Mens Baseball Glove, Brand NOKONA, Brown Leather, Size 13 1/2 (approx.), please contact

4/21/2018 at McHattie W – Men’s Rawlings Black Glove – assistant coach left his glove on the fence post by the dugout. Our practice time was 3:00-4:30. Thank you!, please contact


6/1/2018 at MMS – Black and gray Wilson glove. Found after late game on visitor’s side. Checked with team that played in early game; doesn’t appear to be one of theirs, please contact

5/23/2018 Atchison New Fields – iPhone, contact

4/28/2018 at Old Atchison North – Found a blue tooth ear piece brand Jabra. Black and silver, contact