South Lyon Junior League


 Thank You, SLJL Families

Many thanks to all of our families that donated so much to Homezone.  They were amazed at the generosity of our players and their families.


Minis Marauders Showing Off Their Camo Shirts

Minis Bats Showing Off Their Camo Shirts

Majors Marauders in their Camo Shirts

Majors Marauders in their Camo Shirts

8U Thunder in their Camo shirts

8U Thunder in their Camo shirts

Picture Day – June 3, 2017

Picture Day 2017, updated 6-1-17

2017 Picture Order Form

Picture Day is June 3rd at The Playground.  Check with your coach for assigned time. Pictures may be pre-ordered, but you still must bring the provided Picture Envelope on Picture day with your printed online order inside. You may order online until June 1.

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SLJL Hoodies For Sale

Show your team spirit!  You can purchase a hoodie in your child’s team colors and add your name to the back, if you want.  Click here to visit our store and place your order.  $10 for the hoodie, $5 for your name.  Pay online and pick it up at KV Sports in the Busch’s shopping plaza.

NOTE:  The $10 hoodie price is available only with an online purchase.  The South Lyon Junior League is picking up the price difference between $10 and the cost of the hoodie, but you MUST order online to get that price.  Click here to visit our online store.

Email Issues

For emergency notifications, like game cancelations, we:

  1. Posted a notice on the homepage of our website
  2. Posted it on Facebook
  3. Tweeted it (on Twitter)
  4. Sent out a mass email
  5. Sent out a mass text

If you did not receive that mass email, here are a few things that might be going on:

  1. You might have misspelled your email address – log back in to Blue Sombrero and verify that the email address is correct
  2. You might have accidentally unsubscribed – there is that unsubscribe link at the bottom of every mass email.  If you clicked it, even by accident, that email address will NEVER receive another email from Blue Sombrero.  Log back in to your account and put in a different email address.
  3. If you have your email account set up on more than one device (your smartphone, your Outlook at work, your tablet, etc) the mail program on one of the devices could be configured to download the email from the server to the first device and then it’s not available on any other.
  4. If you have your work email your employer could have the firewall on their server configured to block or “blacklist” our emails
  5. seems to be particularly hard on our mass emails.  They block to some, but not all emails.

If none of this applies to you and you’re still not receiving our emails, try a different email address.  I know AT&T gives you 10 free accounts, gmail is also free (and they rarely give me trouble).  Please consider utilizing all our outlets to be sure that you hear about everything as quickly as possible.

Check out the 9 Mile Field

New backstop installed on the Nine Mile Field

New backstop installed on the Nine Mile Field

If you’ve ever driven down Nine Mile Road between Dixboro and Pontiac Trail when a baseball games has been in progress, you know you cross your fingers and hope a foul ball doesn’t fly over the fence and hit your car.  Well, your South Lyon Junior League is changing that.  We’ve installed a backstop that is 20′ tall with overhang.  The 9 Mile side of the fence is 16′ tall with overhang and the parking lot side is 6 ft. tall.

In addition to the possibility of hitting vehicles, we’ve also worried that a foul ball might be just too much temptation for one of our kids to chase after.  This much-needed field improvement will make this field safer for everybody.

NineMileBackstop_2a NineMileBackstop_3a


School Superintendent Thanks SLJL for Its Support

In a letter to the South Lyon Junior League, Dr. William Pearson, Superintendent of South Lyon Community Schools, writes:

On behalf of the South Lyon Community Schools Board of Education, I would like to thank South Lyon Junior League for its support of public schools and our district in particular.  The generous gift of the replacement and upgrading of the backstop fencing for the baseball/softball field next to Nine Mile Road at Millennium Middle School is greatly appreciated.  This is a gift that will be enjoyed by many students and community members during and after the school day for many years to come.  Again, we so appreciate your partnership with our schools, and please share our sincere gratitude with the rest of your board members and families.

You are very welcome!!

icon-pdfNewStyleDr. Pearson’s Letter to SLJL – June 22, 2014