South Lyon Junior League

Skills Competition

The Skills Competition for the 2017 All-Star Weekend will be:
Thursday, July 13, 2017
5:30pm – 9:00pm
At South Lyon High School Softball Fields

Skills Competition Events

Around the Bases

  • Timed run from home plate to home plate
  • All runners begin with foot on home plate and must touch all bases
  • Time begins with word go and ends with player touching home plate
  • Time kept by time keeper
  • Time recorded by second person, write time on player’s card

Fastest Pitch

  • Fastest overhand or underhand pitch
  • 3 attempts per time in line
  • All three times are recorded, fastest pitch wins
  • Must throw towards target for pitch to count

Accuracy Targets

  • Player begins at starting spot in middle of event
  • Player will have 60 seconds from the word go to throw as many balls at
  • All throws into net receives full point value
  • Players must throw from behind line at point marker
  • Player will be notified when 10 seconds left
  • All throws that have left hand will count
  • Score recorded on players card, total points only
  • Girls will throw softballs, boys will throw baseballs
  • Players may throw opposite type of ball but score will not count, given
    but not recorded

Home Run Derby

  • Players will have 10 balls pitched to them, hit as many as possible
  • Balls over the fence will count at 20 points
  • Balls hitting fence in air will count as 10 points
  • Balls rolling to fence will count as 3 points
  • Hit ball that does not reach fence will count as 1 point
  • Scores will be recorded on player’s card, number of home runs will also
    be included for each


  • Travel and out of town players are welcome to compete, the medals are
    awarded to SLJL rec players only
  • First, second and third place medals will be awarded in each division
  • If there is a tie, first players to approach scored will be given medal
  • All other tie finishers will be given medal at a later date
  • All events will finish at 9:00, anyone in line at 9:00 will be allow to
    finish, lines will be shut off 9:00