South Lyon Junior League


The Ralph Dunigan Scholarship Award


2017 Scholarship Winners & SLJL Board Members

(top row l to r): Randy Hoffman, Dean Whitcomb, Dan Young, Ralph Dunigan, Don Mifsud, Paul Dolan.  

(bottom row l to r): Ethan Whitcomb, Becca Boyce, Morgan Nieto, Donnie Mifsud.



2016 Scholarship Winners (l to r): Ralph Dunigan, Colton Plummer, Randy Hoffman, Jamie Conrad, Maggie Dolan, Paul Dolan, John Kochanek, Don Mifsud


The South Lyon Junior League is proud to announce that since the graduating class of 2013, and hopefully for years to come, we will select 4 annual winners for the  “Ralph Dunigan Scholarship Award”.

This award is named after Ralph Dunigan, the current AND past president of the SLJL. Ralph has dedicated numerous hours and years to the SLJL and to Baseball and Softball at both schools. In Ralph’s twelve years as a member of the SLJL he has shown the SLJL Board that when he say’s “IT IS FOR THE KIDS” he truly means it.

Ralph has been a part of helping develop the SLJL as well as the High School programs, to work together to make Baseball and Softball a more viable sport.

This $500 Scholarship Award is given to a South Lyon High and South Lyon East Baseball & Softball player (1 Baseball & 1 Softball from each school) who represent their schools and the SLJL well at all times.

To qualify:

– Must be or have played or umpired in the SLJL
– Represent your school, community and the SLJL at all times in a positive light.
– A Current High School Senior Baseball/ Softball Player.
– Must be attending some form of higher education in the fall.

To be considered, please write a 250 word essay about a life lesson you learned by playing baseball or softball and a memory you have of the South Lyon Junior League, and include your GPA.  The winners will be selected by the SLJL Executive Board.

2018 Scholarship Winners will be announced soon.