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The travel baseball season runs from April 1 through mid July. Generally teams will practice/workout in the off season as well. Please direct any questions to Rich Robinson at

One Thunder Baseball Development Pathway

South Lyon Thunder aspires to be an elite baseball program designed for high school bound athletes to develop the athletic skill and leadership qualities necessary for success on and off the field. We want to be a feeder system to our South Lyon high school programs.

Inspired by the Long-Term Development Plan created by USA baseball, the South Lyon Thunder program will adopt a framework that identifies a baseball pathway marked with windows of trainability for our program athletes. We will create a coach profile to identify the background, skills, and attributes of our coaches at different points along the pathway to complement the needs of our athletes. In short, we want to match best athletes with best coaches at each point along the pathway to maximize the development potential at each window of trainability. Just as we ask our athletes to compete against each other to secure a place on a program team, we must ensure that our coaching requirements and selection process is held to the same standard.

South Lyon Thunder Development Pathway (windows of trainability)

  • 1st window – 8u-9u – Introduction
    • Getting started, basic movement
  • 2nd window 10u-12u – Discover
    • Fundamentals, motivation
  • 3rd window 13u-14u – Progress & Develop (high school preparation / early competition)
    • Competency, hone mechanics, autonomy
    • Individualized training, open communication, prepare-compete-recover
  • 4th window 15u-18u – Apply (high school competition)
    • Self-observation, high level competition, position preference

Program Coach Materials

  1. SL Thunder Prospective Coach Letter
  2. SL Thunder Coach Application
  3. SL Thunder Program Coach Handbook

South Lyon Junior League 2019 Travel Baseball Tryout Information

Boys Thunder Program

Tryout #1

Thursday, July 26th
8u – 6pm-8pm (South Lyon High School softball fields)
Friday, July 27th
9u & 10u – 6pm-8pm (South Lyon High School softball fields)
Saturday, July 28th
11u & 12u – 9am-11am (South Lyon High School softball fields)
13u – 12pm-2pm (Volunteer Park)
14u – 3pm-5pm (South Lyon High School varsity baseball field)

Tryout #2

Monday, July 30th
8u – 6pm-7pm (South Lyon High School softball fields)
9u – 7pm-8pm (South Lyon High School softball fields)
10u – 8pm-9pm (South Lyon High School softball fields)

Thursday, August 2nd
11u – 6pm-7pm (South Lyon High School softball fields)
13u – 6pm-7pm (Volunteer Park)

Friday, August 3rd
12u – 6pm-7pm (South Lyon High School softball fields)
14u – 6pm-7pm (South Lyon High School varsity baseball field)
15u-18u tryout dates TBD

**** Please refrain from wearing South Lyon Thunder baseball program apparel during tryouts ****

Questions can be directed to SLJLTRAVEL-BOYS@SLJL.ORG
Rich Robinson
SLJL Boys Travel Trustee (South Lyon Thunder travel baseball)

Boys Travel Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pre-register for the tryout?
No, there will be a waiver and registration form available at the field.

Do I need to attend both tryouts?
Attending both tryouts is strongly encouraged, however we understand busy schedules and vacations.  If you can’t make both please reach out to the age appropriate coach and let them know. Coaches for next season will be selected on July 16 and posted to the website, with email addresses the following day.

I’m not sure which age tryout my son should attend.
The age cutoff for boys travel baseball is May 1.  For example, if your son turns 11 on or before May 1 of 2019, he would want to tryout for the 11u team.

Are there multiple teams at each age group?
We do have 2 teams at some of the ages.  A decision to add another team at an age group is determined by many factors:  number of kids that attend the tryouts, a qualified coach being identified and field availability are the main determining factors.

How much does travel baseball cost?
The costs vary by team but average anywhere from $400-$800.  Most teams will do some fundraising to offset some of the costs.  This fee covers uniforms, umpires, tournament fees, off season training, team equipment etc.

What is the time commitment with travel baseball?
Most teams will conduct some off season training.  Some teams will start in the fall while others will plan on once a week indoor training after the holidays.  Our coaching staffs support and encourage your child to play other sports.  They are in no way penalized for missing offseason workouts if they are participating in another sport.   As the weather clears in March/April it is not uncommon to be doing team activities 2-3 days a week.  The season typically runs from April 1 thru July.  Weekend tournaments are quite common as well.

Please feel free to direct additional questions to

2017 Boys Travel Coaches

Boy’s Travel Teams 2018 Travel Coaches Personal Email Address
8u Thunder Josh Wells
9u Thunder – Blue Pat Noonan
9u Thunder – Red Jason Fox
10u Lightning Joe Jurkiewicz
10U Thunder Andy Slankster
11U Thunder Don Mifsud
11U Lightning Lance Shipman
12U Thunder Mark Skrelja
12U Lightning Rob Brothers
13U Thunder Mark Galardi
13U Lightning Dean Phillips
14U Thunder Dean Whitcomb
14U Lightning Matt Martin
15U Lightning Mike Petrovich
16U Thunder Steve Keeney
18u Thunder Bobby Porter

Travel Trustee – Rich Robinson,