South Lyon Junior League

Umpire Information

2018 Spring and Fall Umpires

The South Lyon Junior League umpires are managed by Chris Seubert, on the boys’ side and by Deb Gaudreau, on the girls’ side.

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Softball Umpire Pay Sheet

W9 Form

Baseball and Softball Rules

The latest rules, requirements and regulations can be found on our Documents page.

2018 Umpire Information

Umpire Manual:

We have added an umpire manual that reviews, in detail, many of the rules, interpretations, and procedures associated with umpiring baseball games.  This document will be updated regularly with new information.


We are going to continue to use the Google form this year for turning in pay sheets.

Click here to submit your Umpire Pay Sheet online

Fill out the necessary information asked (Name, Game Number, Date of Game, Field, Division, Home Team, Away Team, Rainout, etc)
Hit Submit


If you fail to turn in your paysheets, you will not get paid. This page can easily be bookmarked on your smartphone and you can fill it out when you arrive at the field to umpire, it takes 5 minutes.

In addition, we are going to try something new with pay this year. I will be “hand delivering” your checks to ensure that you receive them and they don’t get lost in the mail, delivered to the wrong address, etc. On SUNDAY OCTOBER 7TH AND NOVEMBER 4TH I will be sitting at the Corner Caffe from 12:00-3:00. You will be required to sign for your check.


  • To try and accommodate everyone’s summer schedules we will be using SignUp Genius to schedule games.
  • Ben will have the schedules uploaded to SignUp Genius and will send it out to you when I have permission to do so.
  • You will get an email with a link to the SignUp, click on it and there will be tabs for each division along the top.
  • It is your responsibility to sit down with your schedule (preferably your parents too) and pick the games that you can COMMIT to umpiring.
  • Ben, Duane, and myself will get emails regarding who signed up for what game and when, if we feel as though you can not handle the game we have the right to remove you, so please only sign up for games that you know you can handle. (First year umpires can only do BCP and Kaline until you are told otherwise)
  • I have it set up so that you will receive an email 48 hours before your games, reminding you of your commitment.
  • There can be consequences if you cancel your games after the reminder has been sent, the “umpire committee” will make the decision.Any Questions:
    Contact Grace Hoffman @

2018 Umpire Scholarship

The South Lyon Junior League is proud to announce that starting the Summer of 2015 – and hopefully for years to come, we will be selecting 2 annual winners for our “Umpires Scholarship Award”.  This $250 scholarship award will be given to one member of our Girls Umpire Crew and one member of our Boys Umpire Crew, who represents the SLJL and our community well at all times.

To qualify:

  1. Must be a current SLJL Baseball or Softball House Umpire
  2. Must have umpired for a minimum of 3 years
  3. Must be a graduating senior in high school
  4. Must live within the SLCS District
  5. Must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  6. Must be attending some form of higher education in the Fall
  7. Must submit at least a 250 word essay or story telling what your SLJL Umpire Experience has meant to you
  8. List any community service you may have or are currently performing


Congratulations to Garet Skinner and Aston Tanner, our 2018 Umpire Scholarship Winners!