South Lyon Junior League

Uniform Order Update

Remember when I said we do everything in the Fall that we do in the Spring, it’s just a little more condensed? Well, we are always running a little tight on time with getting the uniforms completed in time for the first game of the season and this year is no exception. Just a reminder, the Fall uniform is Jersey, Hoodie, and Hat/Visor. Players can wear whatever pants they wore for the Spring season. We know for sure that the Hoodies will not be ready by the first game. Luckily, the players won’t need them right away, at least not for the first week of the season. There is a possibility that all of the uniforms won’t be complete in time for the first game. If that happens, the coaches will just coordinate with their players to all wear the same color t-shirt and it will be fine. KV Sports is working as fast as they can but we really didn’t give them a whole lot of time. Thanks for understanding!

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